Hot Drop Spots: The Place to Pee

We just received our shipment of the new book that has just been released: Hot Drop Spots: The Place to Pee Amsterdam and we couldn’t be more pleased with it!

This is a little known fact, but I have a fascination with bathrooms.  It’s an unexpected place to find great design, and every time I find one that rocks I spend more time in there than I should.  I’ve done this since childhood actually (you can ask my mother).  I mean, if you have to do something unpleasant, you might as well do it in style and comfort, am I right?

The first time I saw the Hotel V toilet (located downstairs from our lobby and open to all guests), I thought I had died and gone to WC heaven.  Now I urge anyone who stops by to “Go see the toilets!  Goooooo!”  They always come back smiling.

So I’m completely not surprised that when Ellen Grift chose her top 25 toilet hot spots to drop a load, that Hotel V was included in the mix.  It’s really that great of a toilet.  Come by and see for yourself.

Without spoiling the book for you, here is a sneak preview of our toilets:

Sneak Pee-Peek!

The newspaper Het Parool also ran an article about Hot Drop Spots in this weekend’s Wonen section, and which bathroom do you think they highlighted on the cover?

Ahem, that’s right.  I told you it was a great toilet!

Other places that we love that also made it into the book:

I propose a peeing tour of Amsterdam!  Or….just buy the book (we have a few copies for sale here)!

Ellen Grift will be signing Hot Spots to Drop at the American Book Center on May 8th at from 3 to 6 pm if you want your own copy signed.  Tell her Hotel V sent you!

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