A Little Slice of Cuba in the Dam

If there is anything that Amsterdammers crave right now, it is an end to the chill of winter and to welcome the sun and heat and good times again.  Sun, heat and good times like you would find in….oh I dunno, CUBA maybe?

Just ask one of the Hotel V bosses who couldn’t wait that long and actually WENT to Cuba a few weeks ago.  (Who me, jealous?  Naaaaah.)

But fret not!  Amsterdam has the next best thing this coming Friday 23 April.  Because that is when Strand Zuid will be transformed into a Cuban paradise for their opening Grand Slam party called ‘Cuba Libre’ (naturally!), complete with live Cuban music and salsa professionals shakin’ their moneymakers!

There will be boats, cigars, and cocktails served by The Fabulous Shaker Boys– an Amsterdam legend in their own right.  You won’t even know that you’re not on that little island in the Caribbean!

Look how nice the setting is.  Like I said, it’s practically Cuba!:

DATE: 23 April 2010
LOCATION: Strandzuid
TIME:  17:00 – 00:00
LINE-UP: Dr. Kars, Eno-C en Han DB
TICKET: PRESALE €15 (through the Grand Slam site) or €20 at the door

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