The Di-V-ersity of the V-Crew

I asked our V crew to send me some videos that they loved, or that they felt portrayed them so that I could share with the world how diverse our staff is.

We come from all walks of life, all sorts of backgrounds, and apparently all different tastes! ย This was never so apparent as in the replies that I got.

Here is what they sent me:


Jochem, student of Media& Culture at Universiteit van Amsterdam, makes fun of Chloe Sevigny:


Franky, our resident martial arts expert, wants you to know he would “Sukiyaki” you if he could:


Tom, owner of Hotel V, shows his heart and his soul, and even sheds a tear (he’s not too macho to admit!):


Agnes, probably the most quiet V crew member, gives us a romantic little melody:


Zosia, stagiare, from Poland, wants us to know she listens to cooler music than you:


Valentina, our Italian stallion(ette), rocks out with some Guns & Roses:


Victoriaย brings us back some warmth of the Caribbean where she did her internship recently:


Annija, a translator in training, wants you to laugh:


Lauran, our student-by-day/night-porter-by-night, just wants you to dance:


And Amanda, your faithful V Social Media Slave (that’s me!), knows that you have seen this before, but wants you to watch it over and over and over again until your cold heart melts into a dripping sloppy puddle of love:


Now, there you have it. ย We are as diverse in youtube as we are in height, weight, skin color, and shoe size.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With love from Amsterdam,

the V crew


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