V on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

Here’s what the V crew is up to on V-Day:


Justina: “I live with one girl and three boys, so in the morning the other girl and I are making a really nice breakfast for ‘our guys’. ย Then I have to work, and afterwork I am heading to Winston with some friends. ย But who knows…maybe someone has a surprise waiting for me!”


Jan: “I will be working tonight, so my valentine this year is Hotel V. ย But I spoke to my wife about it, luckily she’s not the jealous type!”


Amanda: “I realized almost too late that I had made plans to meet up with a guy friend on Valentine’s Day! ย Neither his girlfriend nor my husband would have liked that too much! ย So we rescheduled, and now I am going out for a lovely meal with my husband, probably sushi. ย I also made vegan pancakes for a surprise breakfast this morning.”


Jacqueline: “I will be spending Valentine’s Day at restaurant Di Sale with my husband.”


Philip: ย “My second daughter was born recently, so this year I have three beautiful Valentine’s in my life. ย I’m going home after work to spend time with them.”


Kieran: ย “I gave my girlfriend 32 red tulips and made her breakfast this morning.”


Victoria: “I am having dinner with some friends at home, and then probably going out tonight to the Bloemenbar. ย It’s not specifically for Valentine’s Day though, we just thought it would be a good day to go out.”

So there you have it, there’s a lot of love going around today. ย Wherever you are today, and whomever you are with, ย we hope you have a lovely day!


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