What to do in Amsterdam in October

Never was there such a diverse month to get out and about in Amsterdam.

Actually, that’s not totally true. ¬†Each month kicks our ass with how cool it is in the city. ¬†But where the summer was all about being outside, this month there is simply no theme. ¬†No method in the madness. ¬†It’s all chaos and fun and diversity.

So let’s get to it.


Oct 1 – 11: Driving North

A good old-fashioned drive-in cinema, right up in Amsterdam Noord, which face it- is the only place with enough space for a drive-in cinema. ¬†The program is a mix of classic and newer releases, with¬†most films being suitably car-themed (Thelma & Louise, Easy Rider, you get the picture). ¬†Food and drink tents on site, so bring your blanket, snuggle up with your date and get ready for a great night out. ¬†And oh yeah- don’t forget the car. ¬†It’s just not the same on a bike, trust us.


Oct 2: Avondmarkt at Roest

A night market bringing you the best that the city and surroundings has to offer as far as hand crafted goods, as well as music and of course food and drink. ¬†So support your local craftsman/woman, and have a drink while you’re at it. ¬†Check the facebook event page to see who will be there selling their wares.


Oct 3 & 4, 24 & 25: Ij Hallen

Time for the Ijhallen market with 750 stalls crammed full with¬†things you never knew you never needed, but suddenly want VERY BADLY! ¬†Summer is over, so it’s back to being an indoor event until next year.


Oct 7 Р10 : AfroVibes Festival in Amsterdam

In its the twelfth edition, Afrovibes brings young pioneers and established talent in theater, dance, music and design from Southern Africa to the Netherlands, in a ten days festival which lands for the first 3 days in Amsterdam. The program is full of¬†performances rooted in young urban Africa: raw, colorful, current, innovative, and presents the dynamic cultural life of young urban Africa & local¬†Dutch artists.¬†This year’s festival theme is focused on looking ahead, on Moving in Time, connecting past, present and future. Full program here.


Oct 9 & 10: Strawberry Earth Fair at Roest

A market-slash-expo which brings together 40 brands that have a conscious and consumers who care about aesthetics while they save this fragile place called Earth. ¬†Strawberry Earth was born in Amsterdam and has since grown to be a force to reckon with. ¬†Their motto? ‘Making sustainable living a piece of cake.’ <- They said cake, we love them. ¬†Go check it out.


Oct 14 – 18 : Amsterdam Dance Event

Hey, are you ready for the city to positively EXPLODE? Cool, then stick around for mid-October when ADE hits the city’s venue and blows each and every roof off. ¬†Over 2,000 artists, 350 venues, and 5 days makes it the world’s biggest club festival for electronic music, and just a really great time to be in Amsterdam if you like music (and who doesn’t?). ¬†(Tip: Amsterdam company 22tracks is hosting their 6th birthday at Waterkant on October 15th. ¬†Bound to be a good party; after all they’ve built their brand on knowing and sharing good music, right? ¬†And it’s free. SCORE.)


Oct 17 – 23: CineKid Festival

The Cinekid Festival is an annual film, television and new-media festival for children which includes installations, workshops, and a 48 hour film contest specifically for children.  Definitely one to check out with your budding little Spielberg or Coppola.

noord600 338datumtijdENG

Oct 24: 24H Noord

Every dog has it’s day, and every neighborhood has it’s 24H festival. ¬†Now it’s time to head North. ¬†For 24 hours over one weekend, Amsterdam Noord will turn into a big playground with lots of activities and fun for all ages. ¬†The agenda is massive, but some jewels that we spotted were: a treasure hunt, karaoke, a sleepover at the bar Pllek, a skateboard tour through the neighborhood, and lots of art and music. ¬†What’s not to love? ¬†Oh yeah…the ferry. (Ha! Sorry Noorders!) ¬†Just kidding, it’s definitely worth the short ride over the Ij.


Oct 24: Street Art Market Amsterdam

Urban Art NOW and RADION curate a unique selection of Amsterdam‚Äôs top artists, designers and craftsmen for an affordable art market full of street art, street wear, handcrafted jewelry, music and photography (most things will be priced¬†between 10 and 1000 Euro). ¬†There will also be 2 free group exhibitions for those who are all about the¬†“Kijken, kijken, niet kopen.”


Oct 27 – Nov 1: KLIK! Animation Festival

A festival celebrating all things animation, including shorts, features, workshops and parties. ¬†If it’s your thing, there is also a 5-day workshop on scriptwriting for animations called Scriptease which culminates in an award for best presentation¬†(prize being the coveted “Golden Waffle”).


Oct 29-31 : Halloween

No one owns Halloween in this city, but for sure the folks behind Spook Amsterdam¬†(of All-Night Horror Movie Marathon fame) and Amsterdam Halloween (of Halloween Parade fame) would go head-to-head for that title if there was one. ¬†No one does it so fervently and passionately with so much (fake) blood and gore like these two groups do. ¬†So if you want to see what’s on for Halloween, check both the Spook Amsterdam¬†agenda¬†and the Amsterdam Halloween agenda first. ¬†But be sure to peep the other¬†usual¬†‘haunts’ (<- see what we did there?)¬†such as¬†Paradiso¬†and¬†Melkweg¬†among others, who usually also throw a Halloween-themed party or event.


So there you have it, from drive-in cinema to markets to music festivals to Halloween, it’s going to be an amazing month. ¬†Have fun!


the V crew


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